Seal of the Biddeford Historical Society

Biddeford Historical Society
P.O. Box 200
Biddeford, ME 04005-0200

Biddeford City Hall, circa 1900

  The Biddeford Historical Society was chartered by the City of Biddeford to collect and preserve the history of Biddeford in one place and to educate the people of Biddeford in their cultural heritage. It now exists as a distinct corporation in the State of Maine "to establish, maintain, and conduct an historical and archives society": with the purpose of "collecting, discovering, procuring, and preserving data, records, objects and landmarks touching the history" of the State of Maine and the City of Biddeford. It uses the collection to educate people in the customs and habits of the past in the City and to preserve and perpetuate the memory of those who, through their labors and heroism, contributed to the history of the State and City.


The Biddeford Historical Society is located in the McArthur Library at 270 Main Street, Biddeford. Its mailing address is Post Office Box 200, Biddeford, Maine 04005-0200.


Annual Meetings of the Society are held on the third Wednesday of April or at an adjourned date. Meetings of the Board of Trustees are as called by the President or members of the Board. Public meetings of the Society are held as announced in the local media.


Voting members of the Society pay three classes of dues, $15.00 for a single member, $20.00 for a family membership and $150.00 for a lifetime membership. Dues are payable April 1st of each year. Membership is open to any person who is interested in the purpose and work of the Society.


The Biddeford Historical Society is the secondary depository for the early records of the City of Biddeford, and has records from 1628 to 1932. These records include the minutes of Town Meetings from 1653 to 1855, the minutes of the Board of Common Council and the Board of Aldermen from 1855 to 1932 and tax records from 1653 to 1932. The Society has, in addition to this, the records of local organizations, banks, building committees and veterans' groups. There is also a collection of memorabilia, personal diaries and scrapbooks. All the vital statistics of Old Saco and the Town of Biddeford have been transcribed and are available for research on request.


You may write to the Biddeford Historical Society at PO Box 200, Biddeford, ME 04005.