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What is Minerva?

Minerva is a consortium of more than 85 Maine libraries, including public, academic, school, and special libraries. Creating a statewide "library without walls" that eliminates geographic and socio-economic barriers, Minerva provides access to more than six million library items. Minerva improves library services for participating libraries and their patrons through automation and collaborative projects.

Minerva was originally an initiative of the Maine Info Net Project, approved by Maine voters in the June 1996 bond referendum, to support improved library cooperation for the benefit of Maine citizens. Minerva is a key participant in the MaineCat, a Statewide Catalog, which includes the Maine State Library, University of Maine libraries, Portland Public Library, Bangor Public Library, the SOLAR libraries, and Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby Colleges.

Why Minerva?

Minerva, Roman goddess of wisdom and war, represented broad intellectual interests in the arts and sciences. She had a special interest in spinning and weaving, symbolizing the power of networking. Both in war and in peace, Minerva was kept informed by an owl that flew intelligence-gathering missions. Networking, shared intelligence, wisdom -- that is Minerva.

Benefits to Library Patrons

  • A library without walls
    • The Minerva catalog includes over six million items - not only books but also DVDs, audiobooks, magazines, and music CDs. You can search the catalog by author, title, subject, keyword, and material type.
    • If an item is not available in Minerva, you can search MaineCat, the statewide library catalog, from the Minerva catalog and directly request MaineCat materials. MaineCat libraries include college, universities, and public libraries across the state.
  • Improved services
    • You may renew your own materials and view your library account online through the catalog or through your library's web page. Additionally, you can search and independently request materials from the Minerva or MaineCat catalogs.
  • Books and more - faster!
    • Materials that you request are delivered directly to your library. Minerva employs a statewide delivery service, which shortens delivery time and reduces postage costs. This service is subsidized by Minerva.
  • The world of information at your fingertips
    • Thousands of magazines, newspapers, and reference books are available at any computer in the State of Maine through the online resources of Maine's virtual library , MARVEL ! Talk to your librarian about easy access to this great resource.


Requesting Materials OnlineRequesting materials online

  1. Search the Minerva catalog for the item or items you want.
  2. If you find it, click the "Request" button.
  3. Type in your name and your library card number.
  4. We will call you when your item or items arrive here.
  5. If there is no library within Minerva that owns the item  you want, click the "Search MaineCat" button to see the holdings of other Maine libraries.
  6. If you find what you need, click the "Request" button.
  7. Select McArthur Public Library from the very long drop-down menu and click "Submit Above Information".
  8. Type in your name and your library card number (under the barcode).
  9. We will call you when your item or items are here.

Renewing materials online

  1. Go to the Minerva catalog page
  2. Click on the "Patron Record" button, or click here
  3. Type in your name and your library card number.
  4. Click on the link "Items currently checked out"
  5. Select the check box next to the item(s) you want to renew
  6. Click on the "RENEW SELECTED ITEMS" button