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McArthur Library is proud to serve as a Champion Library for Bendable Maine!

Bendable Maine is the state's new lifelong learning platform. The Maine State Library has curated content tailored to the interests of, and in many cases created by, Maine residents. The learning system’s aim is to make the residents of Maine more resilient in the face of a fast-changing economy. It is truly lifelong and universal but is focused, above all, on reaching those in the Maine community who have been most underserved.

Bendable Maine includes resources for learning hundreds of languages, technology, cooking, crafts, local history and ecology, personal finance and more. The vast majority of the learning made available through the system is free to residents of the state. (When there is a cost to the user, it is clearly indicated.)

Bendable is a community resource; consider sharing your area of expertise with your fellow Mainers by contributing a module.


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